Tulum Real Estate – Homes & Properties for Sale [2024 Deals]

Tulum Real Estate For Sale

Welcome to our collection of Tulum real estate listings!

To find your perfect home for sale in Tulum, pick from numerous types of Tulum properties for sale below.






  • Presale
    Bahia Tankah Tulum - featured image

    $584,119 USD

    • Bed1, 2, 3
    • Bath1, 2, 3, 4
    • Parking Outdoor
    • Price Per m²
    • Year BuiltAugust 2024
    • CommunityTankah Bay
    • Type Beachfront, Condo, Garden
    Bahia Tulum - Luxury Beachfront Condos

    Tulum, Quintana Roo 77772 Mexico

  • Immediate Delivery
    Kaoba Tankah Tulum - Condos for Sale - cover image

    $591,248 USD

    • Bed1, 2, 3
    • Bath1, 2, 3
    • Parking Private Spot
    • Price Per m²
    • Year Built2023
    • CommunityTankah Bay
    • Type Beachfront, Condo, Penthouse
    Kaoba Tankah Tulum - Beachfront Condos

    Tulum, Quintana Roo 77772 Mexico

  • Presale
    Acalai Tulum - Luxury Beachfront Condos - cover image

    $603,679 USD

    • Bed1, 2, 3, 4
    • Bath1, 3, 4, 5
    • Parking Private Spot
    • Price Per m²
    • Year BuiltDecember 2024
    • CommunityTankah Bay
    • Type Beachfront, Condo, Penthouse
    Acalai Tulum - Luxury Beachfront Condos

    Tulum, Quintana Roo 77772 Mexico

  • Presale
    Adamar Soliman - Tulum Condos (featured image)

    $855,000 USD

    • Bed3
    • Bath3
    • Parking Outdoor
    • 152
    • Price Per m²$5,625.00
    • Year BuiltNovember 2025
    • CommunityTankah Bay
    • Type Beachfront, Condo, Penthouse
    Adamar Soliman Tulum - Beachfront Condos

    Tulum, Quintana Roo 77772 Mexico

  • Immediate Delivery
    Tankah 52 Tulum Beachfront Condos (featured image)

    $654,500 USD

    • Bed1, 2
    • Bath1, 2
    • Parking Common
    • 51
    • Price Per m²$12,833.33
    • Year BuiltImmediate delivery
    • CommunityTankah Bay
    • Type Beachfront, Condo
    Tankah 52 Tulum - Beachfront Condo for Sale

    Tulum, Quintana Roo 77760 Mexico

  • Immediate Delivery
    Casa Xila Tulum - Condos for Sale (featured image)

    $4,900,000 MXN

    • Bed1, 2, 3
    • Bath1, 2, 3
    • Parking Common
    • Price Per m²
    • Year Built2022
    • CommunityTankah
    • Type Beachfront, Condo, Garden, Penthouse
    Casa Xila Tulum - Beachfront Condos for Sale

    Tulum, Quintana Roo 77772 Mexico

  • Best-Seller Presale
    Maiim Tankah Tulum - Condos for Sale (featured image)


    • Bed2, 3
    • Bath2, 3
    • Parking Private Spot
    • 144
    • Price Per m²$6,715.28
    • Year BuiltDecember 2024
    • CommunityTulum
    • Type Beachfront, Condo
    Maiim Tulum - Luxury Beachfront Condos

    Tulum, Quintana Roo Mexico


About Tulum Real Estate

Not only is the coastal town a great place to visit, but the Tulum real estate market makes it a great place to invest.

Investors have been flocking to Tulum in recent years, drawn in by its prime position and stunning natural scenery.

From luxurious beachfront mansions to charming downtown flats, the sector of real estate in Tulum has it all.

Those looking for sustainable and responsible investments will find the town appealing due to its distinctive charm, eco-friendly philosophy, and tight zoning restrictions, which have helped retain the area’s natural beauty and attraction. Tulum is a great chance for investors seeking portfolio diversification and a piece of the rapidly expanding Mexican real estate market.

Before you opt for one of the real estate listings in Tulum, make sure to learn more about the different types of properties.

 Which Tulum Property for Sale to Pick?

Types of Real Estate for Sale in Tulum

At the heart of Tulum, you can feel the magic, hear the beaches tell tales from long ago, and see unique Tulum developments that lead to a life most people can only dream of.

In addition to offering you the chance to work with experienced Tulum real estate professionals, RivieraMayaCozy.com is your tour guide.

In this section, we will have a closer look at the types of Tulum real estate for sale – making sure you pick the option that best matches your budget and, most importantly, investment goals.

If you’re seriously looking to buy property in Tulum, continue reading. We’re about to find out what you can find on the Tulum real estate map!


Condos in Tulum are a lifestyle, not just a purchase. They provide community, comfort, and ease, making them ideal for a varied investor and resident base. Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for a thriving business, a retiree looking for a peaceful vacation, or a young professional living the tropical dream, Tulum condos have something for you.

Why Condos? A Closer Look

Condos can be the perfect gateway to an investment property in Tulum.

The town’s spectacular ascent as a tourist and expat haven has led to profitable rental revenue and soaring property values. Condo rentals near the beach or town center may provide a steady income for individuals looking to capitalize on Tulum’s tourism.

Studios to Penthouses: A Symphony of Options

The type of condo for sale in Tulum you opt for will depend on numerous things since the destination offers a wide spectrum of sizes and typologies. From cozy apartments in Tulum for solo travelers and digital nomads to big 4-bedroom flats for large groups, there are lodgings for every need and budget.

  • Studios and lofts – those are ideal for individuals or couples seeking a smaller, more stylish home with tropical amenities without the exorbitant expense or maintenance.
  • Garden condominiums – perfect for nature lovers, these condos provide private outdoor spaces to enjoy Tulum’s lush surroundings, often with direct access to the common area or private plunge pools.
  • Tulum beach condos: Beachfront condos for sale in Tulum come with breathtaking views and direct access to the beach. Fans of early surf and sea air will enjoy these.
  • Penthouses – Tulum penthouses for sale provide solitude and luxury with rooftop terraces, plunge pools, and spectacular views. These condominiums are for people who want the best.

Amenities – the Icing on the Cake

Tulum condo developments provide shared amenities to foster community and quality of life. These facilities provide modern workout centers, sparkling pools, rooftop lounges, and on-site restaurants. Condominiums provide 24-hour security to keep tenants secure.

Things to Consider

Condo living in Tulum is appealing, but there are certain considerations before buying.

Maintenance and amenity costs may raise condo rents. Additionally, condo living’s rules may not suit everyone’s lifestyle.

RivieraMayaCozy.com understands how personal apartment selection is. We can help you find the perfect studio, 4-bedroom, penthouse, or garden apartment in Tulum’s ever-changing real estate offerings.

Our team makes sure you stay up to date with new developments in Tulum relating to the condo sector.


Further into the Tulum real estate market, we find lovely houses and villas with unique stories and vibes.

At RivieraMayaCozy.com, a Tulum house for sale is more than a building—it’s a location to retreat to and connect with nature and Mayan culture.

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Tulum, this section should give you a clearer idea of the whole process.

As with any other real estate, for some, it will be the ideal Tulum investment property while for others, better opportunities might be found in different sectors.

Why houses?

Our listings of houses for sale in Tulum are luxurious, private, and in harmony with nature, offering an unmatched experience.

You may live your ideal life in a sophisticated coastal home with the ocean as your backyard or a private refuge in the Mayan jungle. A house in Tulum gives families room to develop and build memories. This peaceful retreat is ideal for seniors. Investors may also buy a house in Tulum to capitalize on rising demand for luxury rentals and resales.

Multiple Choices: Finding Your Dream Home

Like Tulum’s flora and wildlife, the real estate market is diverse. The range of homes for sale in Tulum includes tiny, traditional Mexican casitas and grand palaces for all budgets.

  • Eco-friendly homes: According to Tulum’s sustainability and harmony with nature concept, solar- and rainwater-harvesting systems and other eco-friendly elements lessen a home’s environmental impact.
  • Ocean view homes – beachfront homes for sale in Tulum provide breathtaking vistas, the soothing sound of waves, and easy access to world-renowned beaches.
  • Jungle homes – experience nature while enjoying modern comforts at these jungle getaways in Tulum’s jungles. These homes provide solitude and quiet for guests.
  • Contemporary Mexican Villas: Modern and traditional Mexican architecture create a unique, luxurious design. Common characteristics include open floor layouts, pools, and lush landscapes.

Amenities & Lifestyle

Tulum homebuyers commit to a lifestyle, not simply housing. Gated communities for this lifestyle frequently include private pools, big outdoor living spaces, and communal amenities like gyms and clubhouses.

Analyzing the Pros and Cons

Tulum homebuying is appealing, but you must consider the long picture. The higher expense of gardening and pool maintenance may make home ownership more expensive than condo ownership. Space and privacy are desirable, yet they may isolate you from town centers and condo complexes’ facilities and social life.

Houses & Villas Are the Best Options for…

Homes in Tulum are perfect for those who value privacy and space. These Tulum real estate properties are ideal for expanding families, solitude seekers, and investors seeking high-end rental or resale alternatives in a booming market for luxury residences.

Opting for one of the houses in Tulum is certainly a thrilling prospect full of possibilities. There are several residences in Tulum to suit various tastes. There are eco-friendly forest getaways, but also beachfront Tulum villas for sale – the choice is yours.

Every step of the way, RivieraMayaCozy.com can help you buy a house in Tulum. If you buy the right home, you’re buying a lifestyle and a piece of paradise on earth.


Next, we explore Tulum’s limitless real estate market with land and residential lots as the building blocks of dreams. 

RivieraMayaCozy.com knows that buying land in Tulum is an investment in a dream, possibility, and the Mayan Riviera’s untapped potential. 

The Appeal of Lots for Sale in Tulum

For many, Tulum lots for sale are a tempting idea since they offer so many different opportunities. Build your fantasy eco-resort, boutique hotel, or cottage here.

Land for sale in Tulum is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for visionaries who can see their initiatives through, rivaling the world’s most beautiful and historic destinations.

For Who is Tulum Land a Good Option?

  • Developers and entrepreneurs: Tulum’s burgeoning tourism sector is suited for cutting-edge commercial and residential developments that embody the island’s principles of sustainability and luxury. By opting for a Tulum land for sale, they can design and construct their own dream home from zero.
  • Future-minded investors: Long-term investors should consider Tulum land. As Tulum grows and obtains worldwide attention, land values are expected to climb, perhaps resulting in large profits.

Different Land Options

Tulum land options come in several styles, each with its unique benefits:

  • Residential lots: building your dream home on a residential lot in a growing neighborhood or private development provides you access to all the amenities you desire and a sense of community.
  • Commercial property: Tulum’s tourist business is increasing, thus you need commercial property. It suits hotels, resorts, and businesses.
  • Jungle land: Ideal for sustainable businesses or private retreats that value privacy and the environment, jungle plots provide quiet.

Considerations and Challenges

Buying land in Tulum is promising, but be cautious:

  • To ensure a project is profitable and meets all criteria, it’s important to know local zoning, building, and environmental regulations.
  • Some lands lack immediate utilities or infrastructure, which may impact development dates and prices.
  • Environmental Impact: Tulum is a conservation area, therefore consider how your project will influence the environment and strive toward sustainable development.

Why Should You Invest Now?

Tulum’s planned growth makes buying property a great investment. The region’s rising popularity reflects a trend for eco-friendly holiday locations with lively cultures and stunning scenery. As Tulum grows, property investment might provide tremendous gains.

To conclude, purchasing property in Tulum is an exciting adventure full of possibilities, a chance to incorporate your ideas into this particular area. Take advantage of Tulum’s booming tourist economy, construct your ideal house, or invest in the area’s future—this is the spot to plant your flag. Finding the right lot are only the beginning of RivieraMayaCozy.com’s amazing quest.

Buying property in Tulum, Mexico in the form of land is an investment in a bright, beautiful future.

Tulum Property Investment & Location

Each neighborhood in Tulum has its personality, history, and allure for those seeking to call this paradise home or invest in its limitless potential. RivieraMayaCozy.com knows how thrilling it is to explore Tulum’s real estate zones like a treasure map.

There are fresh opportunities and charms around every bend. We may tour Tulum’s key real estate zones and find their unique attraction.

Tulum Centro

The Centro, or downtown Tulum, is the hub. Cultural, culinary, and color explosions occur when local life and tourist attractions blend. Centro is ideal for investors who want to be near restaurants, retailers, and markets. It’s impossible not to sense the excitement as music, art, and the true Tulum spirit fill the streets.

La Veleta

La Veleta, near the Centro, is changing rapidly. Due to its proximity to downtown and the soon-to-be-built Kukulkan Avenue, which will lead to the beach, La Veleta is attracting those seeking quiet and convenience. These modern condos and villas amid lush greenery provide a peaceful respite from Tulum’s bustling core.


Holistika Tulum is a spiritual, health, and nature-focused sanctuary. This unique community is perfect for those seeking peace and relaxation with its yoga studios, holistic clinics, and art pieces in the forest. Anyone who wants to live or invest in an area that cares for them physically, psychologically, and spiritually should consider Holistika real estate.

Aldea Zama

Tulum real estate is dominated by the luxurious Aldea Zama, a master-planned community that offers convenience and elegance. Aldea Zama, a wonderfully constructed neighborhood in Tulum, offers luxury condos, villas, and commercial spaces.

Aldea Zama’s Premium zone has unique, elegant homes at the top of Tulum’s luxury property market. 

Fun fact: the phrase “luxury condos for ssale in Tulum” has the most results in the Aldea Zama zone.

Selva Zama

Selva Zama is a sustainable community where people and the environment can coexist. The modern eco-luxury lifestyle of Tulum is available here, surrounded by its spectacular natural environment. Selva Zama invests in a greener, affluent world.

Tulum 101

Tulum 101 is a hip area with contemporary architecture and carefree luxury. This vibrant space attracts trendsetters and creatives. Creative design and community spaces are the core of Tulum 101, which welcomes everyone who wants to contribute to Tulum’s future.

Regions 8, 15, and 10

Tulum has untapped potential in Regions 8, 15, and 10. These places await discovery. These towns provide several residential and commercial opportunities for pioneering homebuyers and investors. With lower prices and growth possibilities, these locations are ideal for investing and shaping Tulum’s future.

The search for the perfect Tulum location requires insight, intuition, and adventure. The bustling Centro, serene Holistika, sumptuous Aldea Zama, or untapped potential of Regions 8, 15, and 10 all provide opportunities in Tulum. RivieraMayaCozy.com can help you choose the appropriate investment for your lifestyle, future objectives, and desires. Every nook in Tulum has a story, and we want you to find yours.

Tulum Realty: FAQ

Yes! Buying real estate in Tulum doesn’t require you to be a Mexican or even a resident. 

Foreigners can buy a home in Tulum through the fideicomiso system, a bank trust arrangement that allows non-Mexicans to purchase properties in Tulum and other restricted zones close to the coast and borders. In this system, a Mexican bank holds the legal title to the property, with the foreign buyer as the beneficiary of the trust, granting them similar rights to ownership, including the ability to sell, lease, or bequeath the property.

Choose from one of Tulum apartments for sale on RivieraMayaCozy.com and we’ll handle the rest!

Note: New condos for sale in Tulum are added on a weekly basis here.

The Tulum real estate listings on our website provide you with a plethora of options and there’s no right or wrong answer.

Investing in Tulum real estate should be done based on what exactly you’re looking for from the property.

Browse through tiny homes for sale in Tulum if you’re looking for something cozy and budget-friendly.

Browse through Tulum single family homes for sale if you want to have enough space for your lovely family.

Discover Tulum beachfront condos for sale if you have a bigger budget and want to be woken up by Caribbean waves every single morning. In fact, this applies to any beachfront property in Tulum.

Look for a villa for sale in Tulum if you’re after something spacious that is the definition of high-end real estate.

When it comes to Tulum properties for sale, the options are just as endless as your creativity.

Many people looking for homes for sale near Tulum consider destinations such as Puerto Morelos, known for its beautiful beaches and snorkeling opportunities with sea turtles; Playa del Carmen, offering a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of shopping and dining options; and Bacalar, famous for its stunning Laguna de Bacalar, also known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors. 

Yes, Tulum’s commercial real estate is thriving, with the town’s growing popularity as a tourist destination driving demand for businesses such as restaurants, bars, and shops. The town’s location on the Caribbean coast and its vibrant cultural scene make properties in Tulum an attractive option for entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalize on the town’s growth.

Tulum’s waterfront real estate is certainly worth the hype, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a growing market for beachfront properties. The town’s natural beauty and unique culture make it a popular destination for tourists and second-home buyers, which has driven demand for oceanfront properties in recent years. Investing in oceanfront property in Tulum won’t be cheap but can provide excellent returns.

To find your perfect property for sale on Tulum beach, click here

The current Tulum eco homes for sale are environmentally friendly homes that are designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient. These homes often incorporate green spaces and eco-friendly features, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and natural ventilation systems. Tulum is known for its commitment to sustainability, and many developers in the area are incorporating eco-friendly features into their properties.

Tulum homes for sale in the eco sector are recommended for those buyers who really care about the environment.

Absolutely, luxury real estate in Tulum epitomizes true luxury, offering an exquisite selection of properties that meet and exceed the expectations associated with high-end living.

The luxury homes for sale in Tulum, Mexico, are designed with elegance and sophistication in mind, featuring state-of-the-art amenities, breathtaking architectural designs, and premium finishes. These properties often boast unparalleled locations, including beachfront properties in Tulum that offer direct access to pristine beaches and stunning ocean views, allowing residents to enjoy a serene and exclusive lifestyle amidst nature’s beauty.

Although the definition of “cheap” is very subjective, Tulum houses for sale listed on our website start from as little as $120,000k. It is indeed possible to find budget-friendly options outside the entry-level condo sector.

Buying a condo in Tulum can be a safe investment, as the town’s growing popularity as a tourist destination and its increasing popularity among retirees have driven demand for properties in the area. To invest in Tulum, just like it is with any real estate investment, it’s important to do your due diligence and work with a reputable Tulum real estate agent to ensure that you’re making a sound investment.

If you want to buy a condo in Tulum, make sure to first clarify your investment goals – this will make picking the right property a lot easier.

While predicting the future of real estate markets with certainty is challenging, the Tulum housing market has shown remarkable resilience and growth over the years, driven by its popularity as a tourist destination and a favored spot for house rental in Tulum.

The demand for vacation homes in Tulum and the town’s appeal as a serene getaway continue to support the local real estate market. Factors such as its natural beauty, unique cultural offerings, and the growing interest in sustainable living contribute to a steady interest in Tulum’s real estate, suggesting a sustainable market. Although no market is entirely immune to fluctuations, the ongoing demand for housing and house rental in Tulum indicates a healthy level of stability and potential for continued growth rather than a crash.

While there has been some concern about a potential real estate bubble in Tulum, the market for properties in the area remains strong, and many experts believe that the town’s unique characteristics and growing popularity will continue to drive demand for real estate in the coming years. However, as with any real estate market, it’s important to be cautious and to work with a reputable Tulum real estate agent to ensure that you’re making a sound investment.

The assistance of Tulum real estate agents can go a long way in navigating the local market, especially for foreign buyers unfamiliar with the area’s legal and procedural nuances.

A Tulum realtor will provide valuable insights into the best neighborhoods, investment opportunities, and property values, ensuring you make an informed decision. They are particularly skilled in handling negotiations, paperwork, and understanding local regulations, which can be complex and vary significantly from those in other countries. Realtors in Tulum, Mexico, also offer access to a broader range of properties, some of which may not be publicly listed, thereby giving you a competitive edge in finding your ideal home or investment.