In the beautiful Region 15 surroundings, Villa Atman is a symbol of luxury, peace, and the spirit of life in Tulum. This full house is available right away and costs $499,000 USD. It’s priced so that you can start living a life of unmatched comfort and beauty right away.

Since Villa Atman has 159 square meters of living space, it is the right combination of room and comfort, making it a great place to get away and connect with nature.

This is a private property, so you can enjoy a unique and private living experience. The house has two bedrooms that are tastefully decorated and updated bathrooms, making it perfect for small families, couples, or single people who like space and comfort.

More about Villa Atman Residences

Villa Atman has thoughtful services that go above and beyond the norm. Each one is designed to make your life better.

The lobby makes people feel welcome by creating a place that is both elegant and cozy. The swimming pool is the center of the house. You can cool off in it or just relax and enjoy the quiet it provides. For people who like to play and be active, the jungle gym is a unique outdoor experience that fits in well with the scenery around it. You can relax with a book, be alone for a moment, or just listen to the soothing sounds of the woods in the hammock area.

Villa Atman is in Tulum’s Region 15, which is a quiet place to get away from the crowds while still being close to the town’s busy center. Because it’s close, people who live there can easily enjoy the beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and fine eating that make Tulum a popular vacation spot around the world.

Villa Atman is more than just a house; it’s a haven where every detail is meant to help you live a healthy, peaceful, and in tune with nature life. This selling deal is a rare gem for people who want to own a piece of the ever-developing Tulum real estate. It gives you instant access to a life full of beauty, comfort, and the charm of the Mayan Riviera.

Property Features

  • Hammocks Area
  • Jungle gym
  • Lobby
  • Swimming Pool