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4 years ago we independently decided to enter the real estate industry in the Riviera Maya.

Now, in 2023 sharing the same values and objectives where the priority is the investor, we decided to merge as Riviera Maya Cozy.

With more than 10 years in the Riviera Maya, we share with investors our experience in terms of the destination, investment zones, developers and more in order to make the buying process easy but above all safe.

Whether your objective is to acquire a property to live in or to generate income through vacation rentals, we will always share with you the options that fit your needs and fulfill your investment objective.

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"12 years ago we already knew Riviera Maya and were fascinated with the destination. During the pandemic in 2019, we started looking for information and videos about properties in the Riviera Maya and found the Youtube channel of Oswaldo Ortega who supported us from the first moment with all the advice. We met personally on one of our visits to the destination and visited different real estate projects. Oswaldo helped us to find the property we were looking for and we are very grateful for his time and services."
Jenny and Carlos
"Oswaldo is a professional in his field and his advice was fundamental in our decision to invest in Riviera Maya. The clarity in his points and his knowledge of the subject generated in us an endorsement of the decision. He has accompanied our entire process, both in the transaction, as well as in all the additional needs that were presented along the way. Not only as a professional, but as a person, Oswaldo has proven to be a great human being full of simplicity and service attitude. We would recommend Oswaldo with our eyes closed, convinced that with him, anyone will feel safe and confident. Without a doubt, Oswaldo will not only be our future advisor, but he has left a mark in our lives as a person. Thank you for your great diligence and commitment."
Claudia and Felipe
"You generated confidence thanks to your social media channels where you inform the public about your work and your knowledge of real estate consulting in the area. During the process, you were attentive to resolve all my doubts about what project to invest in, and you have always been very kind, respectful and responsible with me. Very good communication."
Jessica Morales
"The most important thing for us is to feel confident when contacting a person you have never seen in your life, especially when it comes to investing your savings in a property. Thankfully, from the beginning, Rafa and I got a lot of confidence from speaking to you and the information you gave us was very detailed. You made us make the decision to invest and we are very grateful for the help."
Nancy and Rafael
"The mark you left on me was your consistency and perseverance in the effort to obtain the best investment for our budget, which thanks to you we were able to achieve. You were always there for any doubt or question we had, you left us with your vocation of service and professionalism making us feel like who is helping a friend, that without a doubt at the moment we are ready to make a second investment in the Riviera Maya the name of my friend Oswaldo Ortega will be present. Because you went beyond making a simple business deal to making a stronger bond. Thank you once again my friend and advisor Oswaldo."
Jacinto Valencia
Confidence, that I was always in good hands. As if I had been recommended by a friend from the beginning and that made the process and the decision to invest my money in the apartment much easier."
Patric Dominguez
"You are a very professional and kind person. You have been helping me throughout the whole process of buying the condo in Tulum and answering all my questions and doubts. I am very grateful to you, you give me the confidence I need, thank you very much for everything and I would gladly recommend you. THANK YOU OSWALDO!"
Veronica Cruz