If you’re on the lookout for a new place to call home, TAO Edena Tulum houses might just be your ticket to paradise.

TAO Edena is all about that laid-back, Tulum vibe. We’re talking about houses here, cozy and spacious, with sizes of 225 square meters. It’s the perfect canvas for you to create your own personal haven.

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms – it’s just the right size for a small family or a couple who enjoys a little extra space. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for ages to move in. These beauties were built in 2023 and are ready for you to call them home right now.

More about TAO Edena Tulum Houses

IMPORTANT: This project has a detailed brochure available. Due to its large size, we send it on demand. Click here to drop us an email so we can send you the attachment.

TAO Edena doesn’t just offer houses; it’s a whole community experience. Imagine yourself grilling up a storm in the BBQ area, catching a flick in the cinema, or scaling the climbing wall for some adventure.

Got a furry friend? No problem! There’s a dog park for your four-legged buddy to make new pals. And if you’re more into humans than canines, the event room is perfect for hosting gatherings that’ll leave your guests talking.

Feeling like a fitness buff? The gym’s got your back. Your little ones can have a blast in the playground area, while you chill by the pool, work on your tan on the sundeck, or go for a leisurely stroll on the walking trails.

Oh, and if you’re into yoga, the yoga lounge is your zen space. Take a breather, stretch, and relax your way to inner peace.

TAO Edena houses aren’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle. These homes are waiting for you, and they’re more than just bricks and mortar – they’re the promise of a Tulum adventure like no other.

Property Features

  • BBQ area
  • Cinema
  • Climbing Wall
  • Dog Park
  • Event Room
  • Gym
  • Playground area
  • Pool
  • Sundeck
  • Walking trails
  • Yoga Lounge