10 Best Condos for Sale in Aldea Zama, Tulum

10 Best Condos for Sale in Aldea Zama: featured image

It is no secret that Tulum has experienced very interesting real estate growth over the past four years.

When we consider investing in this wonderful location, whether as a second home or for vacation rentals, the first thing that comes to our minds as investors is a beachfront property, right?

However, you must know that beachfront properties are found in Tankah, which is 15 minutes from the hotel zone, while in Tulum you will find “investment zones” such as Aldea Zamá or Region 8.

If you’re on the lookout for the best Aldea Zama Tulum condos for sale, you have hit the jackpot. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most attractive projects as of 2023.

Why Aldea Zama?

Due to being in close proximity to the archaeological zone, the beach, the hotel zone, and the town of Tulum, Aldea Zama, a mixed residential complex with subway utilities, paved streets, trails, and green areas, becomes a fantastic choice to live in or rent out.

Aldea Zama is a complex that opens possibilities for everyone as it has multi-family lots, commercial, macro lots, and private residential lots such as Luum Zama, SelvaZama, Aldea Premium, and others.

We’ve listed 10 fantastic options in Aldea Zama for you below.

Aldea Zama Tulum Condos for Sale (Top 10 for 2023)

Nabu Villas

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Located in Aldea Zama, the ideal place to live a comfortable life surrounded by nature, in an exclusive private area named “Aldea Maya” with controlled access and round-the-clock security.

Nabu Tulum is a project with a strategic location due to its proximity to the town of Tulum, the beach, and the Hotel Zone.

It is an ecological development with finishes that are contemporary, natural, and comfortable as well as built to be as self-sufficient as possible and to respect the surroundings.

  • Water treatment facility
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Organic waste removal

Nabu Tulum is a development of nine opulent villas for sale with three and four bedrooms that are situated on an unusual lot that resembles an island.

The villas are cool due to the cross ventilation produced by their large floor-to-ceiling windows, have views of the jungle and gardens, and each has a rooftop and private pool.

Every villa is supplied with TURN KEY  – fully furnished and equipped!

Nabu Tulum has the administrative expertise of Orchid House Hotels for better performance of the properties, so special services and experiences offered in hotels will be included, such as concierge, reception, exclusive service of the Orchid House Tulum® restaurant, or if you require private service from the chef to their villas, and more.

  • Gym
  • Multipurpose room (SPA, YOGA, EVENTS)
  • Living room
  • Relaxation zones in the gardens
  • Orchid Beach House’s agreement with the beach club
Date of Delivery
  • December 2023

Amira District

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SelvaZama may be found in the exclusive neighborhood of Aldea Zama, which is close to the beach, the hotel district, and indigenous nature.

A mixed-luxury development with the best amenities, just 200 meters from Aldea Zama and 300 meters from the renowned international school Green School, as well as business parks, a hotel area, a bike path, and an outdoor auditorium.

The Hotel Zone and the beach are both about a 5-minute stroll away.

Amira District, a project of 264 flats in the first phase and a total of 520 units, is located in SelvaZamá.

The common areas, units with private swim-ups, and a garden that connects to the main area are all located on the first floor.

Amira District is a sustainable project that makes use of natural resources to reduce the impact of waste generation, building, and other factors like solar panels and rainwater collection.

It offers membership to Grupo Giada’s Beach Club with free transportation in addition to facilities like, and it is a private property with regulated access.

  • Outdoor pools connected to an artificial river.
  • Rooftop swimming pool, with connecting bridges
  • Exclusive beach club
  • Jungle gardens
  • Hammock area
  • Bonfire area
Delivery Date
  • Phase 1: August 2023
  • Phase 2: December 2023


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We know that there are investors who are looking for more than just an apartment, so those with a more sophisticated taste should like what’s on offer with Aflora.

Aflora Tulum is a project located within Aldea Zama, which due to its location you will only find it is a project with an artistic concept, which offers an experience through its architecture and art surrounded by nature, creating connection, besides being a gated community, with wellness and artistic spaces, besides being a sustainable project with:

  • On-site composting area
  • Preservation of green areas
  • Saltwater pool
  • Use of solar panels in common areas and amenities

Aflora is a project on 3 hectares, one of the largest projects within Aldea Zamá, however of low density with 211 units divided into 3 concepts of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, spacious units with terrace which and the best thing is that they are delivered completely FURNISHED AND FURNISHED.

  • Wonder Loft Village (Loft for short stays)
  • Magic Apartment Towers (Luxury Residences)
  • Essence Luxury (Luxury Villas)

*Three-level 4-bedroom villas with private garden and pool.

Aflora not only stands out for its architectural design but also for its more than 15 amenities and services focused on art and wellness.

  • Wellness Lagoon
  • Panza Dining & Bar
  • Bath House Spa & Temazcal
  • Sunset Tower Lobby
  • Wellness Tower
  • Coworking Lounge
Delivery date
  • July 2024


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Located in Aldea Premium Phase III, a restricted area for the exclusive use of residents as it has construction guidelines adapted to respect the environment and merge architecture with nature.

Tamarah is a boutique project of 44 apartments with spacious 1 and 2-bedroom apartments with Lock off to make your investment profitable since this system allows you to rent each room independently.

Tamarah is a project aimed at those who enjoy rustic luxury because most of the finishes are materials of the area such as chukum, natural woods and polished cement. However, it stands out for its finishes and details in carpentry as well as:

  • Smoke detector in the apartments
  • Extract air in bathrooms
  • Double sink
  • Recessed lighting
  • Indirect light mirror in bathrooms

With that said, it is also an excellent investment option for those looking to rent their apartment on a vacation basis, as it offers a condo-hotel-type management system, facilitating the management of your property.

  • Lobby with 24 h concierge
  • Gymnasium
  • Central pool
  • Movie theater/games area
  • Multipurpose room

If what you are looking for is a project in an area close to the beach with controlled access, ample spaces and above all good finishes, Tamarah is an excellent option.

Delivery date
  • March 2024


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Below we share an excellent option for those who are looking to invest in a property and their main objective is to generate income through vacation rentals.

  • 3 mins from Downtown Tulum
  • 5 mins to the Beach and Hotel Zone
  • 10 mins from the Archaeological Zone

Macondo is a project created by a developer with experience in the Riviera Maya, with a Condo-Hotel type administration, that is to say, managed by a company with experience in Vacation Rentals in Tulum, facilitating the property rental and the maintenance of your unit as well as the development.

It is a project with an organic design, located within Aldea Zama with a close connection to Kukulcan Avenue and the commercial area for the convenience of guests and owners.

Macondo is a project of 113 units with different typologies, with the purpose of creating a concept to obtain greater profitability, all units are delivered FULLY FURNISHED, EQUIPPED, and DECORATED under the Bohemian style already known in Tulum, fused with modernity that enchants guests.


  • Studio
  • Studio Loft
  • Penthouse Studio

At Macondo, you will not only enjoy an excellent location but also excellent amenities that will allow you to disconnect from the outside and connect with yourself, through relaxation and living areas.

  • Solarium
  • Rooftop bar
  • Rooftop cinema
  • Grill zone
  • Rooftop pool
  • Gymnasium
Delivery date
  • June 2024


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Within Aldea Zama, close to the commercial area, you will find a more exclusive low-density residential area with natural parks, paved streets and avenues, street lighting, and trails surrounding this area called Aldea Premium.

It is right here where Carey will be located, a project that will be carried out by the creators of Aldea Zama, R4 group.

Carey is an excellent option for those looking to invest in a medium-term pre-sale as Carey will be ready for Spring 2025.

Carey is a boutique project of 51 apartments that offers spacious and well-defined spaces as you will find 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, some with private pools, gardens, or rooftop terraces.

It also offers more than 10 amenities and services ranging from relaxation areas, wellness, work areas and fun areas.

  • Spa
  • Solarium
  • WetBar
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Rooftop and Sky Bar
  • Panoramic View Pool
  • Lane Swimming

And more.

Carey is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those seeking privacy and ample space surrounded by nature.

Delivery date
  • March 2025


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If you want to invest in Aldea Zama for less than $100,000 USD, take out a mortgage loan, or purchase a brand-new condo in 2023, this is a fantastic alternative.

The Solum project includes an outdoor commercial zone, two stages, 102 units in various typologies, with or without terraces, penthouse possibilities with private pools, and a rooftop full of facilities.


  • Studio apartments
  • Penthouse Studio
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment
  • 2 Bedroom Penthouse

Solum will be a free administration project, meaning that each owner can select the firm to administer his or her apartment for holiday rental purposes. As a result, it becomes a great place to live or rent, in addition to having a number of extremely desirable features for tourists, such as:

  • Lobby and Reception
  • Restaurant
  • Double Rooftop
  • Swimming Pool Areas
  • Gym
  • Snack Bar
  • Lounge Area
  • Laundry

Since Solum is one of the few projects in Tulum within Aldea Zama that offers a payment option, it has unquestionably grown to be a fantastic investment opportunity in addition to the qualities described above. 40% deposit, 60% after delivery It offers very reasonable costs and allows you to apply for mortgage credit at the time of the deed.

Delivery date
  • July 2023

Town Center

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Because it is a project intended to create a community, a commercial area, with paths, “instagrammable” locations, colossal sculptures, children’s games, a playground, a food island, a parking area, and more, TOWN CENTER stands apart from the other projects in Aldea Zama.

180 units, some with private pools, will be split among 8 towers in the pre-sale project TOWN CENTER ZAMA, which consists of 1 and 2-bedroom flats.

Towncenter Zama has areas for trails, playgrounds, relaxation areas, and a tower that is primarily focused on amenities for common use. These locations are designed to help people get closer to an atmosphere of mental rest and separation from daily life.

  • Movie theater
  • Kids’ club
  • Game area
  • Pool table
  • Business center

Town Center is a free management project that allows you the option to live in your own property or rent it out for a short or medium period, both for your own property and for your own personal use of the property:

  • Lobby
  • Gym
  • Bar
  • Pool
  • Lounge Area

For individuals seeking spacious community living in Aldea Zama at a great price, Town Center is a fantastic choice.

Delivery date
  • Spring 2024

Costa Caribe

Costa Caribe - Tulum Condo for Sale (featured image)

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A proposal within Aldea Zama made by a developer with great experience in the Riviera Maya creates Costa Caribe.

A project of 66 apartments of 4 levels on a double corner lot, with amenities to the center, giving the possibility to the apartments to have views to the interior.

Costa Caribe is a project for those who are looking for ample spaces, as it offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments that will have natural ventilation due to its large windows and terraces, some units have double terraces,

Something that should be highlighted in Costa Caribe is that it is one of the few developments that have an elevator in Aldea Zama.

This development becomes an excellent option for those who are looking to invest in ample spaces for the whole family.

  • Zen Garden
  • 4 swimming pools
  • Lounge Area
  • Pool Bar
  • Snack Bar
  • Lobby / Reception
  • Gym
  • Business Center
  • Lounge Area
  • Parking
Delivery date
  • April 2024

Chaan Ha

Chaan Ha - Condos for Sale in Tulum (featured image)

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Chaan Ha is a development designed for those looking for a project within Aldea Zama with ample spaces ready to be released this Summer of 2023.

Chaan Ha is a boutique project of 4 levels and 12 apartments with ample space for each member of the family with 2 and 3 bedrooms,

It is on four levels with spacious and well-ventilated two and three-bedroom apartments on each level. Each unit also has a parking storage container.

The units are delivered fully furnished, with air conditioning, marble flooring, and tzalam doors.

Because of the amenities it offers, Chaan Ha is a “Free Management” project, making it a great option for both rentals and living.

  • Keyless entry
  • Swimming pool
  • Barbecue
  • Sunbathing
  • Yoga center
  • Holistic center
  • Beach club

Chaan Ha in addition to having amenities within the development also has an agreement with Beach Club Selina by Mia for owners.

Delivery date
  • May 2023
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