Koa Towers Cancún is located in an area with booming real estate growth in Cancun. With 198 apartments of 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms distributed in 4 towers intertwined with the common area.

The property is located near Huayacan Avenue and offers a strategic location with good connections both locally and to important tourist destinations. The proximity to the airport, the Federal Highway to Playa del Carmen-Tulum, the exit to Merida, and the hotel zone make this place attractive for both residents and those who wish to invest or have quick access to various points of interest in the region.

More About Koa Towers Cancún

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The idea of having the towers intertwined with the common area creates a microclimate effect that favors the circulation of fresh air and the entrance of natural light. This can not only contribute to the comfort of the residents but also the energy efficiency of the project by reducing the dependence on artificial ventilation and lighting systems.


Blume is one of the condos for sale in Cancún that offers a lot of nature views. The presence of greenery as a main feature of the residential project is truly remarkable. The large green areas add an aesthetically pleasing element and also play an important role in temperature control.

Having semi-covered and permeable spaces with vegetation creates a microclimate that acts as a natural thermoregulator. Vegetation helps reduce direct solar radiation, providing shade and lowering the ambient temperature. This contributes to greater thermal comfort inside the dwellings, reducing the need for artificial cooling systems and, therefore, increasing the energy efficiency of the project.

Responsible architecture that respects natural resources and the environment is an increasingly valued approach to real estate development. Design that promotes energy sustainability can help reduce energy consumption, minimize the environmental footprint, and provide long-term benefits for both owners and the environment.

Delivery Date

Koa Towers Cancun is a pre-sale apartment project with a delivery date of December 2024.

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Property Features

  • Coworking
  • Green Areas
  • Grill area
  • Gym
  • Infinity Pool
  • Padel Court
  • Playroom
  • Rooftop area
  • Yoga Area