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5 Best Tulum Condo Hotels for Sale [Our Top Picks for 2024]

As a real estate investor, even before starting the search for the right property, it is necessary to take into account the main objective of your investment.

Are you looking for a long or medium-term rental, a property to live in, or one that will 100% serve as a vacation rental?

When your main objective is the latter, you must take into account that it might not and probably shouldn’t be adjusted to your own taste.

Instead, it must be focused on meeting the needs of a specific tourist profile that comes to the area.

For a large chunk of investors that see Tulum as a real estate investment destination with the objective of vacation rental, the first thing that comes to mind is a property close to the beach.

However, not all tourists come looking for the same thing.

In fact, the needs of visitors range quite drastically.

Some are focused on sustainable tourism, others come with the objective of purely having fun, some seek a comfortable home office space, and finally, there are those who are after relaxation and wellness during their stay.

Coming across the needs of ever-developing tourism in the area, as well as investors looking for a secure and profitable purchase, there’s a noticeable rise in the number of so-called Condo Hotels.

But What Is a Tulum Condo Hotel?

A Condo-Hotel is an excellent investment option for those investors whose main objective is to generate income through vacation rentals, but what is the exact meaning and role of this property type?

A Tulum Condo Hotel is a condominium where each apartment and space belongs to a single owner.

Usually, this type of property has a long list of amenities and both the maintenance and management of vacation rentals of each property are managed by a single company. The main reasoning behind this is to generate high profitability for owners, and for the guests, amenities reaching the standard of those of a luxury hotel.

Condo-Hotels are properties that are intended to generate an income solely through vacation rentals. They are not recommended for those looking to live there full-time, or as a retirement property.

A Condo Hotel is for those who are looking to invest in a property in a tourist destination and generate vacation rental income without being constantly involved in the whole rental process. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to make use of the property for vacation or medium-term periods and receive a bimonthly or monthly income.

5 Best Tulum Condo Hotels for Sale in 2023

Without further ado, below find 5 excellent options for Condo – Hotel properties in Tulum.

Seremonia Selva

Seremonia Selva Tulum

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Seremonia Selva Tulum is one of the few projects that offer disconnection from the outside through the connection with nature and with oneself thanks to its long list of amenities.

The main characteristic of Seremonia Selva, however, is the privacy and tranquility offered in each of its spaces.

Seremonia Selva consists of 80 apartments that surround the central pool, ensuring green views for all owners and a lot of privacy.

Seremonia Selva offers excellent options from studios to 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and the most interesting thing is that all of them are excellently sized and have a private pool.

Another great benefit for investors is that these projects are delivered fully furnished and equipped.

In Seremonia Selva you will find more than 10 amenities and services for the connection with oneself, such as:

  • yoga area
  • oratory
  • outdoor cinema
  • hammock area

…as well as for pure enjoyment, such as:

  • a subway bar
  • palapa for grill
  • restaurant
  • shopping area
  • jacuzzi

…and more.

As an investor, you have the security of investing in a highly profitable project, due to its differentiating elements and being surrounded by nature. However, investing in Seremonia Selva is most importantly a guarantee that what you see in the renderings is what you get in real life.

Seremonia Selva is a project that will be ready this summer of 2023.

If you are seriously considering Seremonia as an investment option, I invite you to visit a project from the same developer that is already operating as a Condo-Hotel named Seremonia Origen.


Macondo Tulum

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Macondo Tulum, unlike other Condo – Hotel projects on the list, is located within Aldea Zama.

It stands out from the rest of the pack thanks to its exterior architecture, showing a modern concept emerging through nature.

This project will consist of a commercial area on the first floor and a total of 113 units (one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or penthouse).

It will also have central gardens and rest areas on the first floor, as well as a large well-equipped gym and a restaurant area, which will be operated by the vacation rental company offering room service to both vacationers and owners.

In order to not only manage vacation rental apartments but to create a brand around this project, all apartments will be delivered fully furnished and equipped.

Macondo being a condo-hotel project will also have a rooftop pool from which you can enjoy a wonderful green view of nature. The roof will also include a bar, cinema, and grill area.

Macondo is a project created by developers with experience in the region. Solid property management will be ensured by a vacation rental company already operating different projects in the area.

It is currently a pre-sale project but will be delivered in June 2024.


Xamira Tulum

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Xamira 2 Tulum is a Condo-Hotel project located in Region 15 – one of the areas close to downtown Tulum.

As an investor, you have the security of investing in a project where the developer already has previous experience not only in developing and creating condo-hotel type projects such as his previous project Xperience, but also of being a hotelier in Tulum, so he knows the needs and demands of tourists in the area.

Taking into account the above and knowing the importance of offering a design that refers to Tulum, he has created Xamira 2, a project that arises from the success of his neighboring project Xamira 1. Both use local finishes such as wood and chukum, making sure nature accompanies the guests 24/7.

Xamira 2 is a boutique project of 41 studio apartments, some of them with private pools. Most importantly, all the units have a view of the amenities.

In order to make this project highly profitable, Xamira 2 offers attractive amenities such as:

  • pool
  • jacuzzi,
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Yoga Terrace
  • BBQ area
  • Restaurant Bar
  • Security 24/7

Xamira 2 is a project that is currently under construction but will be ready this December 2023 – just in time to rent during the high season.


Dalai Tulum

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Dalai Tulum is a project for those who enjoy being close to downtown Tulum.

It is located in La Veleta, just one block from one of the main avenues that connect to the beach, Kukulcan Avenue.

It is a project created by developers with experience in the area (Playa del Carmen and Tulum).

Dalai is not for those looking for boutique projects as it has 296 apartments of 1 and 2 bedrooms. Both typologies offer a penthouse version with a private pool.

What’s important to note, all units are delivered fully furnished and equipped.

Dalai Tulum is a project designed for vacation rentals, especially targeting those who visit Tulum with family. and this can be seen in its amenities ranging from the smallest to the largest, as among them you will find a commercial Area, 2 Restaurant Bars, Play Areas, Mini Golf, Jacuzzi, Temazcal, Massage Area, Cinema, Gym, TRX, Yoga Area, Terraces, Business Center, Orchard, Sky Bar, Sky Pool, Solarium and Laundry.

Dalai is a project that is currently in pre-sale and will be delivered in 2025, which makes it an excellent option for those who are interested in investing in the destination but not so close to delivery.


Babel Tulum

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Last but not least, we have Babel.

Babel Tulum is not only a Condo-Hotel project, but it is different from others because its concept is focused on Wellness. It’s a niche that has been growing rapidly in recent years, where the main objective is health and relaxation.

Even though the project is currently in pre-sale, it already boasts considerable progress in terms of work done and has a showroom that many fall in love with.

Babel offers extremely wide spaces, is well-lit, and probably best of all, its Mediterranean-style architecture allows all units to have a view of the amenities.

At the center of Babel, you will find a common pool which will be surrounded by rest areas and nature giving privacy to each of the apartments.

Without a doubt, Babel is not only a condo-hotel project but also offers an incredible experience.

It was created by developers with hotel experience in Tulum.

For Babel investors to have the best income during the first year, they will manage the project in order to consolidate it as a brand.

Babel is in pre-sale and will be ready by December 2023.

What’s important to note, it will be delivered fully furnished, equipped, and decorated – ready to start operating from the first day.

Condo-Hotels in Tulum: Summary

As you can see, there are interesting options in Tulum when it comes to Condo Hotels.

However, remember that although the objective for all is pretty much the same, they are managed by different companies and each one has different policies.

To know which is the best investment option for you, it is always better to contact a real estate consultant who can give you more details so that you can make the best possible decision.