Apartments & Condos for Sale in Playa del Carmen, Mexico [2024]

Playa del Carmen Condos for Sale

Welcome to our collection of new condos for sale in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

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About Playa del Carmen

Real estate in Playa del Carmen is an investor’s paradise when it comes to real estate. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and bustling Fifth Avenue lined with eclectic shops and eateries, it offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.

The town’s unique charm is enhanced by its blend of local culture and modern amenities, making it appealing to a diverse range of potential renters or buyers.

Investors are drawn to Playa del Carmen not just for its scenic beauty but also for its robust rental market, driven by a steady flow of tourists and expatriates seeking a tropical lifestyle. Moreover, the real estate market here is booming, offering a variety of opportunities.

Which Playa del Carmen Condo to Choose?

Types of Playa del Carmen Condos for Sale

At RivieraMayaCozy, we understand that finding the perfect condo in this tropical paradise is about much more than just a purchase; it’s about discovering a lifestyle that resonates with your dreams and aspirations. Whether you’re looking to soak in the sun permanently, invest in a lucrative rental property, or find that ideal vacation getaway, Playa del Carmen has something for everyone.

In this section, we’ll guide you through the array of condos available in this enchanting locale. From cozy studios to luxurious 4-bedroom apartments, each type of condo offers its own unique set of advantages and considerations. We’ll delve into the pros and cons of each, helping you to navigate the market with confidence and ease.

Whether you’re curious about how much a condo in Playa del Carmen costs, or you’re ready to buy a condo in Playa del Carmen and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, our insights will help illuminate your path.

First, let’s look at the types of condos according to their available sizes.

Playa del Carmen Studios


  • Affordability and Investment Opportunity: Studios are the most accessible entry point into the Playa del Carmen real estate market. They offer an affordable option for first-time buyers, making the dream of owning a property in this sought-after location a reality. Additionally, studios tend to have a lower barrier to entry for investment, offering a viable option for those looking to start building a rental portfolio.
  • Ideal for Short-Term Rentals: Their compact size and typically lower price point make studios highly attractive in the short-term rental market, especially for solo travelers or couples seeking an affordable vacation stay.


  • Space Limitations: The biggest challenge with studio apartments is the limited space. They combine the living room, bedroom, and kitchen into a single open space, which can be restricting, particularly for those who enjoy hosting guests or desire clear separation between living areas.
  • Resale Challenges: While studios can be an excellent entry point, they may not appreciate in value as rapidly as larger condos. The market for studios can be more volatile, depending on the overall economic climate and tourism trends.

1-Bed Playa del Carmen Condos


  • Better Resale Value: These units often offer a better balance between affordability and potential for appreciation. A 1-bedroom condo in Playa del Carmen can be an excellent long-term investment, as they are in high demand among both buyers and renters.
  • Ideal for Couples or Small Families: Providing a separate bedroom, these condos offer more privacy and space, making them suitable for couples or small families. They strike a balance between coziness and comfort.


  • Higher Operating Costs than Studios: While still manageable, the operating costs for 1-bedroom condos, including utilities and maintenance, will be higher than studios. This is an important consideration for those looking to minimize their ongoing expenses.
  • Limited Space for Hosting: Although more spacious than studios, they still offer limited space for hosting guests or accommodating larger families.

2-Bed Playa del Carmen Condos


  • Versatility and Space: The additional bedroom significantly increases the functionality of the condo, making it suitable for a variety of needs: a guest room, an office, or a room for children.
  • Strong Rental Appeal: These condos are highly sought after in the rental market, appealing to a wider demographic, including small families, groups of friends, or even business travelers looking for a comfortable extended stay.


  • Higher Initial Investment: The additional bedroom and space come with a higher purchase price. This means a larger initial investment, which might be challenging for first-time buyers or those with a limited budget.
  • Greater Responsibility in Maintenance: More space means more maintenance. From cleaning to upkeep, a 2-bedroom condo demands more time and resources, which can add up, especially if it’s a secondary property or vacation home.

3-Bed Playa del Carmen Condos


  • Ideal for Larger Families or Groups: With ample space, these condos are perfect for larger families or groups, offering both comfort and privacy.
  • Higher Rental Income Potential: A 3-bedroom condo in Playa del Carmen can command a higher rental price, particularly during peak tourist seasons, due to its ability to accommodate more guests.


  • Significant Investment and Upkeep Costs: The larger the property, the higher the costs. This includes not only the purchase price but also ongoing expenses such as property taxes, utilities, and maintenance.
  • Less Fluid in the Resale Market: Larger condos can be harder to sell quickly as they cater to a more specific segment of the market. This could lead to longer periods on the market and potential fluctuations in resale value.

4-Bed Plus Condos


  • Luxury Living at Its Finest: These condos often come with high-end amenities and finishes, offering a truly luxurious living experience. They are designed for those who seek the best in terms of space, comfort, and style.
  • Exclusive Appeal: Catering to a high-end segment, these properties can be an excellent investment as they often attract affluent buyers and renters looking for premium accommodations.


  • Substantial Financial Commitment: The purchase and maintenance of such a property represent a significant financial commitment. These are among the most expensive real estate options in Playa del Carmen, with corresponding high ongoing costs.
  • Niche Target Market: Their size, price, and luxury status mean they appeal to a smaller, more exclusive market. This can limit potential buyers and renters, affecting liquidity and rental occupancy rates.

Now, let’s explore the different categories of condos based on their price range – from budget-friendly options starting below $100,000 to luxurious abodes priced above $300,000. Buying a condo in Playa del Carmen can be both affordable and quite pricey, as we prove below.

Each category has its unique appeal, catering to different lifestyles, needs, and investment goals.

Continue reading below as we delve into the characteristics of budget-friendly, standard, and luxury condos in Playa del Carmen, guiding you to find a property that not only meets your budget but also matches your aspirations and lifestyle.

Budget-Friendly Condos (< $100,000)

Who It Suits Best: Budget-friendly condos are ideal for first-time buyers, solo travelers, or investors looking to enter the Playa del Carmen real estate market without a substantial financial commitment

They are perfect for individuals seeking a vacation home or a rental property that doesn’t strain their finances.

What It Offers: Condos in this price range typically include studios or small one-bedroom apartments. These units are often situated in emerging neighborhoods or slightly off the main tourist areas, offering a more authentic experience of Playa del Carmen.

While they may lack some of the luxury amenities, these condos often provide essential comforts and a cozy living space. They are an excellent choice for those who prioritize location and affordability over size and luxury features.

Standard Condos ($100k-$300k)

Who It Suits Best: The standard condo range is ideally suited for small families, couples, or mid-level investors.

These condos cater to those who seek a balance between comfort, location, and price. They are perfect for buyers looking for a primary residence or a vacation home that offers more space and amenities than budget-friendly options.

What It Offers: In this range, buyers can expect to find one to two-bedroom condos, with some properties outside the center area offering three bedrooms.

These condos are typically located in well-established areas, closer to popular attractions, beaches, and amenities. Standard condos often come with added benefits like swimming pools, security, and community areas. They strike a perfect balance between affordability and access to lifestyle amenities, making them highly attractive for both personal use and rental opportunities.

Luxury Condos (Above $300k)

Who It Suits Best: Luxury condos are designed for high-end buyers and seasoned investors who demand the best in terms of location, quality, and amenities.

They appeal to those looking for a prestigious property, whether as a primary residence, a luxury vacation home, or a high-yield rental investment.

What It Offers: Luxury condos in Playa del Carmen are in a league of their own, offering expansive living spaces, often with three or more bedrooms, and are equipped with high-end finishes and state-of-the-art amenities.

These properties are typically located in the most desirable areas, offering stunning views, and exclusive access to facilities like private beaches, rooftop pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour security. The architecture and interior design are usually top-notch, reflecting the premium status of these condos. Buyers in this category can expect a level of exclusivity and comfort that is unmatched, making these condos not just a home, but a lifestyle statement.

Luxury Sector of Playa del Carmen Condos

The allure of luxury beachfront condos and exclusive penthouse apartments represents the pinnacle of opulent living. These prestigious properties are more than just homes; they are gateways to a lifestyle of unparalleled elegance and comfort, offering breathtaking views and an ambiance of refined sophistication.

Beachfront Condos: A Touch of Paradise

The beachfront condos for sale in Playa del Carmen are the epitome of luxury living. Imagine waking up each morning to the soothing sounds of waves and the serene view of the Caribbean Sea’s turquoise waters. These condos provide direct access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, allowing residents to revel in the quintessential beach lifestyle.

Beachfront properties often feature expansive balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open-plan living spaces designed to blend indoor comfort with the allure of the beach. From enjoying your morning coffee with a view of the sunrise to hosting elegant evening gatherings against the backdrop of the ocean, these condos offer an unmatched living experience.

Penthouse Condos: Sky-High Luxury

Penthouse condos in Playa del Carmen take luxury to new heights. Perched atop the most exclusive buildings, these residences offer panoramic views of the city and the sea. With spacious terraces, private rooftop gardens, and sometimes even plunge pools, penthouses are the embodiment of exclusivity and prestige.

The interiors of these penthouse condos are nothing short of spectacular, often featuring designer furnishings, high-end appliances, and bespoke finishes. The open and airy layouts are complemented by high ceilings and large windows, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness and luxury that is unrivaled.

Proximity to 5th Avenue: The Heart of Playa del Carmen

Many of these luxurious beachfront and penthouse condos are situated near the famed 5th Avenue, a vibrant and bustling thoroughfare known for its world-class dining, shopping, and nightlife.

Owning a condo near 5th Avenue means you are just steps away from some of the best attractions Playa del Carmen has to offer. The fusion of the tranquil beachfront lifestyle with the dynamic energy of urban living makes these properties highly coveted.

Investment and Lifestyle Opportunity

Investing in a luxury condo in Playa del Carmen, especially those offering beachfront access or penthouse exclusivity, is not only a financial investment but also an investment in a lifestyle of luxury and tranquility.

These properties are highly sought after in the rental market, attracting discerning travelers and offering lucrative rental income potential.

Whether you’re searching for beachfront condos for sale in Playa del Carmen or a penthouse that towers above this tropical paradise, the options are as breathtaking as the views. These condominiums for sale in Playa del Carmen offer a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and unparalleled access to the best of beachside and urban living.


The price of a condo in Playa del Carmen varies widely based on factors like location, size, and amenities. Budget-friendly options can start below $100,000, standard condos range from $100,000 to $300,000, and luxury condos, especially beachfront or penthouse units, can exceed $300,000. It’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences when evaluating the price.

If we’re talking about presale properties, the land in the area is highly occupied and the number of available Playacar real estate listings is relatively low. In this case, the biggest chance of finding a Playacar condo for sale would be the resale market.

Although the choice isn’t extremely big (especially now because of the launch of the Mayan Train), it is indeed still possible to find budget-friendly condos in Playa del Carmen that don’t cross the $100 mark. 

Absolutely! Real estate under $100k in Playa del Carmen can be a great investment, especially for first-time buyers or those looking for a vacation property. These budget-friendly options often provide excellent locations and essential amenities, making them ideal for personal use or as rental properties. However, they might be smaller in size and offer fewer luxury amenities compared to higher-priced options.

Apart from condos, we at RivieraMayaCozy also offer a variety of other property types in Playa del Carmen. These include single-family homes, townhouses, villas, and even land. Each type caters to different lifestyles and investment goals, ranging from cozy beachfront villas to spacious homes ideal for families.

No, you do not need to be a resident to own a condo in Playa del Carmen. Foreigners can legally purchase property in Mexico, including in Playa del Carmen, through a trust system known as a ‘fideicomiso’ or by establishing a Mexican corporation, depending on the property’s location and size. This system is designed to protect foreign investors and ensure a secure and straightforward ownership process.

Yes, it is possible to get financing for purchasing a condo in Playa del Carmen. Various options are available, including loans from Mexican banks, mortgages from international lenders specializing in Mexican property, or developer financing. However, the availability and terms of financing can vary, so it’s advisable to explore and compare different options and consult with financial experts who are familiar with the Mexican real estate market.