Onze Tulum is a high-density residential project nestled in the vibrant and culturally rich town of Tulum. This development offers an exciting opportunity for both investors and future homeowners looking to be part of Tulum’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and rapid growth.

Onze is ideally situated in the Colonia Crystal region of Tulum, providing easy access to essential amenities and local attractions:

  • Close proximity to the new Tulum Airport, enhancing connectivity.
  • Minutes away from the bustling downtown area, top commercial zones, and the Universidad Tecnológica de Tulum.
  • Nearby various natural attractions such as beautiful cenotes and the renowned beaches of Tulum.

As far as Tulum land for sale is concerned, there are not many more appealing developments than Onze.

More about Onze Tulum

❗️IMPORTANT: This project has a detailed brochure available. Due to its large size, we send it on demand. Click here to drop us an email so we can send you the attachment.

The project features 28 residential lots, each with a substantial area of 348.52 m². The lots are divided into two types:

  • Type A lots are strategically positioned facing the avenue, offering a prominent view and direct access.
  • Type B lots are interior lots, providing more privacy and tranquility within the community.

Investing in Onze Tulum is considered a smart choice due to the anticipated property appreciation driven by ongoing urban developments and the tourist boom. The area’s careful urban planning and the intrinsic value of being located in Tulum ensure solid returns and sustainable growth.

Onze Tulum is designed to integrate seamlessly with the natural environment, offering a lifestyle that combines modern conveniences with the tranquil beauty of Tulum. The development aims to provide a serene living experience, focusing on sustainability and high-quality living standards.

Whether looking to build a dream home or seeking a promising investment in Tulum’s flourishing real estate market, Onze Tulum represents an exceptional opportunity to embrace a lifestyle enriched by nature, culture, and modern amenities.

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