Koro Tulum is a meticulously designed residential community that harmoniously blends the essential elements of nature with modern architectural finesse. Situated in the vibrant heart of Tulum, a sanctuary known for its serene environment and cultural richness, Koro Tulum offers a living experience that emphasizes a close relationship with Mother Earth.

Koro features 18 elegant apartments across a well-planned complex, fostering both privacy and a community-centric lifestyle. The development is tailored to maximize the common and private green spaces, ensuring each resident feels connected to nature while enjoying the comforts of modern living.

Strategically located in Tulum, residents of Koro Tulum benefit from its proximity to local landmarks and necessities:

  • Only 15 minutes away from the pristine beaches and the historical Tulum pyramids.
  • A short 5-minute drive to downtown Tulum, providing easy access to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural activities.

More about Koro Tulum

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Koro Tulum is equipped with top-tier amenities designed to enhance your living experience, focusing on the balance between nature and modernity:

  • Residents can enjoy a swimming pool, shared gardens, and a fire pit, which are perfect for relaxation and social interactions.
  • The shared terrace offers stunning views of nature, further enhancing the serene atmosphere.

The apartments in Koro Tulum are designed with functionality and privacy in mind, offering spacious and comfortable living spaces. Residents can choose between 1 and 2-bedroom configurations, with options for a balcony, garden, terrace, or a penthouse, each tailored to provide an intimate and harmonious living space.

Koro as an Investment Opportunity

Koro Tulum represents an excellent investment opportunity with the potential for significant capital gains, thanks to Tulum’s growing popularity as a tourist and residential destination. The community is ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat or a permanent residence in a location known for its ancestral harmony and modern conveniences.

Koro promises a lifestyle that is not just lived but experienced deeply, with each element designed to remind residents of their connection to the earth and the community around them.

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Property Features

  • Fire Pit
  • Pool
  • shared gardens