Inuk Playa del Carmen is an innovative residential development, designed to integrate luxurious living with sustainability and a community-focused lifestyle. Inuk offers a modern approach to residential design, ideal for those seeking both comfort and an environmentally conscious living environment.

Inuk is perfectly positioned to provide its residents with easy access to essential amenities and recreational activities. Situated just 500 meters from an upcoming shopping center and near other key infrastructure like schools, hospitals, and recreational zones, the development ensures that convenience is at the forefront.

It’s one of the most affordable condos for sale in Playa del Carmen.

More about Inuk Playa del Carmen

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Inuk’s Phase 1 features 38 units with a range of models including Ibis, Tucán, Flamenco, and Colibrí, set for delivery in November 2024. These units are designed with flexibility in mind, offering options such as terraces, lock-off capabilities, or even private pools, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Inuk is packed with amenities that enhance the living experience:

  • A holistic center, unique for its features and design, promoting wellness and relaxation.
  • Common areas for recreation and leisure, including a swimming pool area with a terrace-grill, a hammocks area, and hydromassage facilities.
  • Coworking spaces and a bird sanctuary, adding unique value to the community living experience.

The project also emphasizes sustainability with local vegetation gardens and modern infrastructure including elevators for easy access.

Inuk Playa del Carmen is committed to maintaining a balance between community quality of life, environmental health, and economic aspects in real estate development. This commitment is reflected in the integration of sustainable building practices and amenities that support a green lifestyle.

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Property Features

  • Bird sanctuary
  • Common terraces
  • Coworking Space
  • Fire kitchen
  • Hammock Area
  • holistic center
  • Swimming pool area