Bodhi Tulum is a place of wonder, nestled amidst the lush jungle of Tulum. The name “Bodhi” comes from Sanskrit and carries a profound meaning – “the awakening of the soul” or “enlightenment.” And that’s precisely what this development seeks to achieve – to awaken and enlighten us, to reconnect us with the most essential elements of nature and the world that surrounds us.

More about Bodhi Tulum

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As you enter the property, you’ll be captivated by its harmony with the environment. The buildings are thoughtfully designed to respect and work in synergy with the wind, water, and natural light that the jungle provides.

Each unit is a private haven, carefully crafted for exclusivity and comfort, while also respecting and conserving the environment. It’s heartwarming to know that for every unit built, twice the size of the jungle is preserved, ensuring the ecosystem thrives.

Typologies & Location

Bodhi Tulum offers a variety of condos, with 1 to 3 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms, making it perfect for different family sizes and needs. The development is located in Region 15 of Tulum, an enchanting spot where nature’s beauty surrounds you.

Amenities & Services

The amenities at Bodhi are nothing short of extraordinary.

You’ll have access to a bar to relax and enjoy refreshing beverages, bicycles to explore the mesmerizing surroundings, and a cenote – a natural pool – to take a dip in and feel connected to the earth’s wonders. For your convenience, there’s a common laundry area, and helpful concierge service is available to assist you during your stay.

Moreover, Bodhi boasts an event room for gatherings, a firepit to cozy up around on cooler evenings, and a beautiful garden to stroll through and immerse yourself in nature. To keep your body and mind in harmony, a gym is provided for your workouts, while a pool offers a place to unwind and refresh yourself under the sun. The reception desk and lobby are designed to welcome you warmly, and there’s also a restaurant where you can savor delicious meals without having to venture far from your abode.

For those who need to stay connected, common area Wi-Fi is available, ensuring you can share your experiences with friends and family. If you wish to furnish your unit hassle-free, furniture packages are offered. Security is of utmost importance at Bodhi, and a wastewater treatment plant is in place to help protect the environment.

Delivery Date

Bodhi Tulum is a presale project with an expected delivery date of March 2024.