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Best Place to Live in Mexico as a Canadian [for Future Expats]

At RivieraMayaCozy, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting numerous Canadians in finding their ideal piece of paradise in Mexico. There is a location here that will suit your needs whether your dreams are of bright cultural activities or sun-kissed beaches.

In today’s article, we’ll go into the particular appeal and charm of each area as we examine the best place to live in Mexico as a Canadian. You’ll receive an insider’s view of what makes Mexico a great place for potential expats, from firsthand accounts to useful guidance.

Let’s embark on this thrilling adventure together with a margarita!

Best Place to Live in Mexico as a Canadian – Our Top 10

Short answer: The best places to live in Mexico for Canadians include Playa del Carmen for its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful beaches, Tulum for its bohemian vibe and natural beauty, and Cancún for its excellent infrastructure and amenities. Mexico City offers a rich cultural experience and urban lifestyle, while Los Cabos, Bacalar, Puerto Morelos, Cozumel, Puerto Aventuras, and Akumal each provide unique benefits from stunning scenery and tranquility to strong expat communities. Each destination has something special, making Mexico an ideal place for Canadian expats.

Now, let’s dive into details. 

Playa del Carmen

A lot of Canadians live in Playa del Carmen, a busy beach town tucked away on the Riviera Maya. Playa, with its beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere, is the perfect place to relax and have fun at the same time.

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From the quiet beaches just a short walk away to the busy Quinta Avenida with its shops, restaurants, and bars, there is something for everyone. There are lots of events and groups for expats that can help you get settled in this very friendly town. Playa del Carmen is without a doubt one of the nicest places in Mexico for a Canadian to live.


Tulum has quickly grown from a small fishing village to a trendy vacation spot where people from all over the world come to enjoy the natural beauty and laid-back vibe.

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Picture being close to beautiful beaches, the famous Tulum ruins, and cool cenotes where you can swim. The town’s focus on sustainability and eco-friendly activities speaks to many Canadians who want to live healthier, more responsible lives. For Canadians looking for a place to live in Mexico, Tulum is a unique mix of old traditions and modern comforts.


Cancún is famous for its resorts and nightlife, but it’s more than just a place to go on holiday. Cancún has a high standard of living and great facilities, healthcare, and education for people from other countries, especially Canada.

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The city’s international airport makes it easy to go back to Canada or another country. You will never be far from beautiful beaches or the lively Caribbean Sea if you live here. Cancún might be the best place for a Canadian to live in Mexico if they want to be close to everything and have a busy city life.

Mexico City

Mexico City is a great place to go if you miss the vibe of a big city. This huge city is full of history, culture, and opportunities. As the nation’s center, it has some of the best theaters, museums, restaurants, and shops.

There are many different kinds of expats living here, and many of them are Canadians who enjoy the city’s busy nightlife and arts scene. Even though Mexico City is very big, there are some cute neighborhoods like Roma and Condesa that have a more relaxed, community-focused vibe.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is at the very end of the Baja California Peninsula. It is made up of the twin towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Los Cabos is a popular place for Canadians who want to mix fun and relaxation. It has beautiful beaches, luxurious casinos, and golf courses.

In this place, you can find great facilities, fun outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, and a calm way of life. For Canadians looking for the best place to live in Mexico, Los Cabos is a great choice because it has a lot of expats and a nice vibe.


People from Canada who want to be in a peaceful and beautiful place might find it at Bacalar. The lake at Bacalar is often called the “Lake of Seven Colors” because the water is blue in many shades.

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This quiet town is great for people who like nature and peace of mind. People who are retired or on a tight budget will find this a cheaper place to live than other popular tourist spots. Bacalar is a valuable secret gem that has beautiful scenery and a calm way of life.

Puerto Morelos

Between Cancún and Playa del Carmen is a small fishing village called Puerto Morelos that has kept its authentic Mexican feel. It is perfect for Canadians who want a calmer way of life but still want to be close to the conveniences of bigger towns.

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The town’s beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and marshes make it a great place for many outdoor activities. The friendly and welcoming people in the area make it easy for newcomers to feel at home. Puerto Morelos is both a quiet place to relax and a place with all the conveniences.


One of the largest islands in the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel has many places to dive and swim that are among the best in the world. Cozumel is a great place for Canadians who like to swim, relax, and stay on an island.

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The island has beautiful beaches, clear water, and a lot of culture history. The active and supportive expat community in the area makes it easy for newbies to fit in quickly. If Canadians are looking for the best place to live in Mexico, Cozumel has a laid-back vibe and beautiful scenery.

Puerto Aventuras

In Puerto Aventuras, there is a gated neighborhood that is safe and good for expats. This resort in the Riviera Maya has beautiful beaches, a golf course, and a harbor. Many services, shops, and restaurants are close to the well-planned neighborhood, making it easy to get around.

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Puerto Aventuras is hard to beat for Canadians who want to live in a safe, resort-style area. This peaceful area with well-kept services is one of the best places for a Canadian to live in Mexico.


Last but not least, Akumal is a small beach town famous for its beautiful bays and sea turtle populations. The name of the area, Akumal, comes from the Mayan language and means “Place of the Turtles.”

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Divers, snorkelers, and people who like being close to nature from Canada will love it. The town isn’t very big, but it has everything you need and a friendly foreign community. For people who want to take things more slowly, Akumal is a great choice because it is beautiful and peaceful.

As you can see, choosing the best place to live in Mexico as a Canadian involves considering various factors, from lifestyle preferences to practical needs. Each of these destinations offers something unique, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect spot to start your new adventure in Mexico.Crucial

Crucial Factors When Choosing the Best Place in Mexico for Canadian Expats

It’s not enough for a Canadian to just pick a beautiful place to live in Mexico. There are a few important things you should think about to make sure your new home meets all of your needs and wants.

The following are important things to remember:

Living Cost

One of the main reasons Canadians move to Mexico is to find cheaper places to live. This could be very different from one place to another, though.

For instance, Playa del Carmen and Cancún may be more expensive than places like Bacalar or Puerto Morelos which are quieter. Plan your budget and look into how much rent, food, utilities, and medical care are in the area you want to move to.


The weather in Mexico ranges from mild to tropical, based on where you are. Beach lovers will love the warm, sunny weather all year long in places like Tulum, Cozumel, and Los Cabos. On the other hand, Mexico City, which is higher up, has milder weather and cooler nights. Think about how the climates of the different parts of Mexico match up with your tastes.

Medical Care

For many expats, getting good medical care is one of their biggest worries. Mexico is lucky to have a very well-developed healthcare system with top-notch private hospitals and clinics.

Better medical care can be found in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Mexico City. In smaller towns, there may not be as many options. To feel safer, learn about the health care system where you want to go and think about getting foreign health insurance.


It’s easy to move abroad if you live in a friendly neighborhood. Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos, and Puerto Aventuras are all popular places for expats to live and have thriving expat groups.

You can also make better use of your time and meet new people by joining neighborhood groups and events. Think about the kind of life you want—bustling city, laid-back beach town, or quiet country—and pick a place that fits that.


In general, places like Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum that are popular with tourists and expats are safe. Still, it’s smart to use common sense when it comes to safety and stay up to date on local safety problems. To get a good idea of how safe your possible new home is, look at crime rates, local news, and expat groups.

Easy Access

If you want to move between Mexico and Canada a lot, being close to an international airport can be very important. With many planes going to and from Canada, Cancún, Mexico City, and Los Cabos are all great options.

It might take longer to get to major transportation hubs from places that are farther away, though. You should decide how important mobility is to you and include that in your choice.

Cultural Fit

Getting used to a new culture is an interesting part of living abroad, but you also need to find a place where you feel at home. From the modern feel of Mexico City to the old-world charm of smaller towns like Akumal and Bacalar, Mexico is a country with a lot of different cultural influences.

Think about what parts of a culture—like language, food, holidays, and regional traditions—are important to you, and choose a place to visit that shares your views and interests.

Income Prospects

If you want to work in Mexico, you should think about the market and job opportunities there. Cities like Mexico City and Cancún offer more job opportunities, especially in the hotel, travel, and foreign business industries.

The economic health of the place you choose can also affect your long-term goals, especially if you’re investing in real estate or starting a business.


When you move with your family, it’s important to be able to get a great education. International schools in many places that are friendly to expats meet the needs of international children by teaching in English and other languages.

Find out how many and what kinds of schools are in the area you’re considering so you can be sure your kids will get a great education.

Recreational Activities

Last, think about the fun things you can do in your potential new home. Mexico has a lot to offer people of all hobbies, whether they like to hike, do water sports, go on cultural tours, or eat out.

Places like Tulum and Cozumel are great for divers and snorkelers. The museums and historical sites in Mexico City offer a lot of culture activities. To make your new life in Mexico happy and rewarding, choose an area that has the things you like to do.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find the best place to live in Mexico as a Canadian, ensuring a smooth transition and a rewarding expat experience.

Final Word

Choosing the best place to live in Mexico as a Canadian involves careful consideration of various factors, from cost of living and climate to healthcare and community.

Each of the top destinations we’ve highlighted—Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancún, Mexico City, Los Cabos, Bacalar, Puerto Morelos, Cozumel, Puerto Aventuras, and Akumal—offers unique advantages that cater to different lifestyles and preferences.

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant urban life of Mexico City, the tranquil beaches of Tulum, or the welcoming expat communities of Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras, there’s a perfect spot waiting for you. By evaluating crucial aspects such as safety, accessibility, cultural fit, and recreational activities, you can make an informed decision and enjoy a fulfilling life in Mexico.

Ultimately, the best place to live in Mexico as a Canadian is the one that aligns with your personal needs and desires, providing you with a comfortable and enriching expat experience.